One of the best ways to solve vandalism is to prevent it from happening in the first place. There’s key tips that you can do that will make you and your property safer.

Keep your property well lit. It is common knowledge that vandals gravitate toward the simplest target, and darkness makes vandalism that much easier to them. Not only should you keep your inside lights on to allow people to know someone’s home, but you also install exterior lights around your area. Using exterior lights with motion detectors can use enough to scare vandals away.

Install a secure gate. A vandal definitely will think twice about vandalizing a property if she or he has to climb on a fence or attempt to break into a secured gate. It is also recommended that you install fencing around areas like corner lots or paths that would make it attractive entrance points for offenders. Always be certain your gates are secured, too.

Plant bushes or shrubs. Planting greenery like bushes, trees or shrubs not only improves the look of your area, but it might help deter vandals. Greenery will make it more challenging for the vandals to reach your house if they have pointy leaves or thorns which could make the attempt of climbing or crawling through them as uncomfortable as possible.
Use video cameras. Putting video cameras in plain sight around your house is an efficient deterrent against vandalism and burglary. As excited as vandals can be to show off their work after the crime, they don’t need an audience watching them at the action. Though when they’re daring enough to commit their crime while on camera, the video evidence can be helpful for authorities. Clean up vandalism ASAP.

Vandals ruin property since they would like it to be seen. Cleaning up graffiti or cracked glass as soon as you find it on your property can discourage vandals from coming back. A vandal is much less prone to hit your property a second time when she or he knows the signs will not be there for long, particularly in case of graffiti.

If you see something, say something. Even though it’s a fact that authorities are busy and have more important crimes to deal with, which does not mean you should not report vandalism. A history of accounts can let authorities know where they should patrol more.

Maintain your windows covered. Vandalism is a crime of opportunity, and that means vandals will hit only if they feel comfortable doing this. The certain vandal is about whether anyone is home, the best for the property owner. Having blinds, curtains and drapes closed while the lights on makes it tougher for vandals to see what is happening inside.

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