We officially enter winter this month and that means lots of snow, ice, and cold weather ahead. Not only can the winter season leave us pining for warmer days, they can also take a toll on our homes if we don’t prepare enough in advance. Even in the South Sound where winter’s tend on the milder side, t’s important to take the necessary steps for preventing snow damage to make sure that your home is winter-ready to stay safe against whatever mother nature throws at you this winter season. 

5 Tips for Preventing Snow Damage to your home

Prune the trees

During the winter season when the wind picks up and storms start raging, trees can pose a huge risk to your home. Tree limbs can get ripped off during a storm or snap under the weight of ice and snow. When these boughs break, they can bring substantial damage to your roof and windows. As you prepare for the winter season, take a walk around the perimeter of your yard, taking note of any overhanging branches that could pose a threat during a storm. 

Keep Gutter clear

We’ve talked about this before, but it never goes without saying how important it is to keep your gutter clear. Not only does it help protect the structural integrity of your roof, clean gutters allow accumulating snow to melt and drain off a roof easier and also help to prevent ice dams from building up. 

If your roof is more than 30 years old it may be a good idea to have it checked. A compromised roof can cave in or allow water damage if too much snow or ice accumulates during the winter. 

Insulate Pipes

A cold snap can wreck havoc on outdoor sewer pipes, water lines, faucets, and hoses. Make sure to wrap and exposed pipes in foam insulation to help keep pipes from sustaining damage from the cold weather. 

Keep an eye on how much snow is falling

In addition to taking these preventative steps, it’s important to keep an eye on how much snow is coming down. If too much snow accumulates it can weight on your roof, shift door frames, and negatively affect structural components of your home.

If too much snow does accumulate, a roof rake can help in removing snow. Call a roofing expert if you’re too nervous to do it yourself.

We hope these tips on preventing snow damage help keep your home safe this winter. Our team at MaxCARE hopes you have a safe holiday season.