As we kiss the last days of sweet summer heat goodbye, we enter in to the cold winter months. If you struggle to keep warm during the winter months, this post is for you.

Our first defense when it gets cold inside is to crank the heat and boot up the furnace. But if your home returns to frigid temperatures once those sources of heat are gone, there are steps you can take to better insulate your home this winter. 

Here are some tips for ways to better-insulate your home. 

Have your roof insulation checked

Between 25 and 35% of uninsulated heat is lost through your roof. Insulating your ceiling is an easy way to keep the warmth in and save hundreds on your heating bill yearly. Roof insulation can be DIY’d, but especially during the window months, it’s best to have a trained professional install it.  

Insulate the attic

An area that is often overlooked for insulation is the attic. Insulating the attic can have a similar affect to insulating the roof. If you have the money, insulating your attic is a simple and easy way to help cut down on heating costs. Invest in sheets of unbacked insulation and lay them between floor joints to keep heat in the main house.  

Invest in heavy drapes

Another easy way to save money and insulate your home is by investing in heavy window coverings. While light blinds or decorative curtains may look good, they’re probably not helping you at all when it comes to saving money on heating. Invest in some heavy, thick  curtains that can keep heat from escaping through your window panes.

Weatherproof doors and windows

Drafts coming through cracks under doors or through window panes can let gusts of cold winter air into your home. As we enter the winter months, go around the house and inspect all doors and windows for possible cracks, applying insulation where necessary. Consider investing i window treatments that help insulate your windows.

Pro tip: If you can’t afford window treatments, try this instead! Go around to all the windows in your home and apply a layer of bubble wrap to them! While less pretty than a professional window treatment, this is an easy and cheap fix to cutting heating costs. 

Make sure to also insulate areas that you may forget, such as crawl spaces, garages, and renovated basements. Heat can even escape through the floor, so consider insulating that too!

 If you’re iffy about the costs of installing insulation, consider this: insulation doesn’t just help save money in the winter. During the summer, that same insulation that helped keep you warm can help keep your home cool by keeping warm air outside.

Our team at MaxCARE 24/7 of Washington hopes you stay warm this winter!