Routine maintenance on things like our cars help to keep them running properly and save us costly repair expenses in the long run. But what about cleaning your gutters? Often times we don’t think about it, but our gutters do so much in saving us money and keeping things off our roofs. They keep water off our roof and help protect our roof from damages. If you haven’t yet, now is a great time to get your gutters cleaned before the weather starts changing. You should check your gutters year-round, with an in depth check from a roofing specialist during the fall.

Here are a few ways cleaning your gutters now saves you money later:

Rainwater: Mold and Leaks

Your gutters are supposed to work as a refuge for rainwater and debris to collect and be taken away from your roof. When your gutters are clogged up, this rainwater begins to collect instead. If your roof has any loose shingles or small damage, this water can easily find its way into your attic and crawl spaces.

 If water is allowed to stand and stagnate for too long, it can also become home to a host of harmful bacteria that can also get introduced to your home. 

Water damage can be extensive and expensive, especially if there are possible water-borne pathogens involved

Additionally, standing water on your roof and in your gutters can actually weigh down on your roof. Over time, this weight on the sides of your roof can damage both your gutters and the structural integrity of your roof as a whole.  As we transition from summer to fall and enjoy some of these final days of sunny weather, now is there perfect time to get your gutters cleaned. 

Snow and Ice

During the cold months when ice and snow may be collecting on your roof cleaning your gutters is important. Without anywhere to go when it melts, snow that is constantly freezing and refreezing can add a significant amount of weight to your gutters and roof. This can lead to extremely roof damage. Even if you’ve already had your gutters cleaned this summer, its a good idea to check your roof when it gets colder for ice dams. These can form from snow or rainwater freezing in your gutters and creating a dam of sorts that keeps debris and water from getting off the roof. 

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