Summer is just around the corner here in Washington. That means sunshine, barbecues, and lots of hiking. On the flip side, fire season will soon be upon us. If the last few years have been any indication, fires can devastating to home and communities. It’s easy to feel vulnerable and powerless. Luckily, there are steps you can take to safeguard your home against fires.

Fire Season Tips

Care for your lawn

Something as simple as taking care of your lawn can make a huge difference in protecting your home during fire season. A watered, healthy, green lawn that is clear of debris can interrupt a fire’s path and help protect your home.

Make sure your windows are covered

A simple way to protect your home from fire is investing in fire-resistant window coverings. This can help keep fires on the outside of the home and protect interiors. Fire-resistant curtains and drapes are available at home stores, as well as resistant shutters.

Keep a look out for dead trees and vegetation

Dead plants can fuel a fire and help it spread more quickly. Removing dead trees could help curb the spread of potential fires. Another thing to look for are dead leaves in your yard, as a fire could use these as a path too.

Observe local and state recommendation for burning

The best way to stop a problem is to prevent that problem from happening. Out of control blazes can result from innocent bon-fires or burning. One of California’s most devastating fires last summer was caused by fireworks.

Be conscious about what you are doing and take proper safety precautions. If there are active burn bans in your area, make sure to adhere to them. The safety of you and your loved ones isn’t worth the devastation a fire could cause.

Before you light a fire, check out the Washington State Department of Ecology to see what is allowed in your area.

We hope you find these tips helpful! That being said, disaster can strike at any time, no matter the precautions taken. If your home does suffer fire damage, MaxCARE of Washington is there to help. Give us a call!