It’s a rare occurrence here in the Pacific Northwest, but as we saw a few years ago in Port Orchard, tornados can and do still happen here in Washington State. In the event of a tornado touching down, are you prepared?

What Causes A Tornado?

A tornado is a weather phenomenon driven created by a mixture of low air pressure and stormy weather conditions. When this happens, a downward vortex is formed, resulting in the classic spiral we associate with tornados. It’s important to be prepared beforehand to protect your property and those you love in the case of a tornado.

Mitigating Risk

Here are five tips to help you protect your home from tornados and high winds.

  1. Hurricane clips are good for more than just hurricanes. The can also help keep the lid on your home in the event of a tornado. During a tornado one of the biggest risk to your home is having the roof blown off. Pressure against the walls and the bottom of the roof spells disaster for roofs with weak connections. Hurricane clips hold your roof close to the rafters, fortifying it from extreme weather conditions.
  2. Solid doors make a huge difference in the event of a tornado. During inclement weather events your door can be torn free of its hinges. At high speeds, your door becomes a dangerous projectile that can destroy anything it its path. By investing in a solid door and accompanying hinge(s), you can save your home from destruction.
  3. Your front door isn’t the only door you should fortify. Your garage door is likely your house’s most vulnerable point when it comes to high winds. Investing in door braces can give you easy protection during a tornado or wind storm. Garage braces are secured above and below the door, and can be unhinged when not in use.
  4. Your windows can be shattered by high winds if they’re not properly secured or aren’t durable enough. If you have an older home, consider replacing older windows with more durable double paned windows.

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